Surviving the Wait.

Can you earn income while waiting for your Social Security Disability?

With a little help and guidance, Yes you can. If done correctly it can even help your case, but if you don’t have the right guidance you could lose your claim in a big way.

For people who are still working surviving the wait to get approved for benefits is the troubling part about making the decision to file for Social Security. But the reality is if you have a medical condition that is affecting your ability to do work then you could very quickly find yourself in a situation where you are without a steady income. If your condition is making it difficult to work then now is the time to act and let us help you make a plan to secure the benefits you have already worked for.

If you are already unable to work because of your medical condition then you know how difficult it is, but you don’t have to accept life the way it is. You can take control of the situation and get your life back on track.

Regardless of your situation we can help you secure the maximum benefits you deserve with as little delay as possible. We can even cut as much as 11 months of the time it takes to get awarded benefits.

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